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New Website for Godly Play Canada

It's long overdue, but we finally have a new website! Godly Play Canada has been dreaming up ways to support our practitioners, parents, and new comers to Godly Play, and this website will be a crucial tool in staying up to date with what's new in Godly Play.

Some key features to look out for on the new website:

For Parents - We have a page dedicated to parents and how you can support your children's spirituality through Godly Play.

Events Calendar - If we have a training or workshop coming up, you will be sure to find the details on our events calendar.

Getting Started - For those new to Godly Play, the getting started tab is a great place to learn how to introduce Godly Play to your community.

This website is very exciting to us and we hope it is useful to those who want to get connected to the Godly Play community in Canada.

Stay connected through this blog as well for more updates in the Godly Play world.

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