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The Materials Matter

Godly Play materials are high quality because we want children to be allowed to use anything in the room for their work without fear that they will break it and also because we want to show them we care for them and want them to have access to quality materials so their work is the best it can be.

The materials we offer are hand-crafted with love.

Where To Purchase Materials

Godly Play Foundation Store (US): This is the workshop which makes Godly Play materials in the USA and develops prototypes and templates used around the world. You can find details of all that they make by visiting Godly Play Resources. It is possible to order the materials via the internet or by phone and have them shipped to Canada.

Website: Phone Number: 1.800.445.4390

Godly Play Materials (Latvia): Beautifully hand-crafted materials are available here.


Diakonie Leipzig (Germany):  There is a sheltered workshop near Leipzig that makes the materials. Visit the German website and you will see a UK flag which changes the website into English.


Suggested Art Shelf Materials

The art shelf is often where children gravitate to during work time to reflect on the story. it's important to ensure the art shelf materials are as high quality as the stories, the shelf is kept tidy by the door person, and the materials are refreshed regularly so things tod not run out or become worn out. Things like markers and glue sticks should be tested regularly. Ensure that the materials are stored in a way that the children can easily see what is available. Clear lids and shallow containers help with this. Here are some examples of things that are great to have on your art shelf:

Art 1.png


A variety of paper types is helpful depeending on the type of art a child is working on. Printer paper, constuction paper, andd watercolour paper are staples.

Skin tone markers.webp

Drawing Materials

A mixtures of markers, pencil crayons, and crayons are important. Always have pencil sharpeners available too. Sometimes having sparkle gel pens or special writing materials can be exciting. Also include many skin tones.

art 4.webp


Paint, while messy, is a key item on the art shelf. The best paints for kids are washable paints and water colours. Also include brushes, water cups, and paint palettes.

art 2.jpeg


Clay, plasticine, or playdoh are great for the art shelf. Just make sure the door person checks that the containers are sealed before leaving so the materials don't dry out.

art 8.webp

Glue Ons

Glue on items like beads, gems, and wooden cut outs and favourites of crafty kids. Keep them sorted so they are attractive to the eye and look like they are handled with care.

glue sticks.jpeg

Glue and Tape

Glue sticks, white glue, and tape are used frequently and need to be replaced often. White glue is best in smaller, easily squeezeable containers.

Artr 8.webp

Special Items

Special items are so exciting for children and it can be fun to have new items on the shelf once in a while. Think about what your group of children is interested in to know what to add.

art 6.jpeg

Cleaning Supplies

Part of the Godly Play process is learning how to clean up after yourself. Including paper towels, dust pans, and wipes on the shelf encourages children to take charge of their messes. It's also helpful to have smocks, and table clothes on the shelf to protect clothes and the floor from paint.

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