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Our dedicated board members and trainers are happy to support you in bringing Godly Play to your community. To host a training, you can connect with our trainers who will support you in finding a trainer in your area.


Amy Crawford

Amy is a Godly Play teacher and trainer with a wealth of experience both in learning with children and supporting leaders. She is a diaconal minister in the United Church of Canada and is frequently found sitting in the circle with the children of Islington United Church. Amy loves playing with the parables.

Ontario Trainer


Kathy Peddle

Kathy, along with her co trainer Donna Ronan, has been a storyteller since 2009 and a trainer since 2011. She continues to marvel at what children know without being told and has found that her own spirituality has deepened in sharing in the circle with children.

Newfoundland and Labrador Trainer

Anne Clark.jpg

Anne Clark

Teaching her third generation of young Godly Players, Anne continues to learn through the children how God is speaking to us.  A Godly Play trainer since 2008, Anne loves connecting with people of faith discovering the richness of Godly Play in their lives and in the lives of those they are nurturing. Anne welcomes inquiries about Godly Play as Western Canada Coordinator for Godly Play Canada.

Alberta and BC Trainer


Jenny Eisener

Jenny is a Baptist Minister who lives in Nova Scotia where she works with children and youth in her congregation. She was trained as a storyteller in 2016 and a Godly Play trainer in 2024. She loves using Godly Play in her congregation and at home with her children. Her family's favourite story is the story of creation. They often take it with them on vacation and find the gifts of all the days.

Maritimes Trainer

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