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In June 2021, the Godly Play Foundation in partnership with the Diocese of Massachusetts was awarded a Becoming Beloved Communities Grant from the Episcopal Church for an Equity Audit Project. The funding from this grant will support an equity audit of several of our Core Godly Play stories and the materials that go with them. The equity audit has three outcomes:

1) Produce updates to our Godly Play stories and materials to respect and honor the diversity of God’s creation and inspire children in their identity formation as part of a diverse, inclusive beloved community.

2) Provide toolkits and workshops for practitioners to holistically engage their communities with the curriculum and material changes. 

3) To hone a process (engaged in and refined by the Equity Audit Team) for using the Godly Play framework of story, wonder, and play to create brave spaces for adults to courageously engage with issues regarding white supremacy, racial identity, gender identity, inclusivity, and unity.

We are thrilled to share that we have completed 6 lessons, with several more close to being ready. In addition to the Core stories presented at a Godly Play Training, the team is focusing on Volume 8 which is currently under revision. 

These toolkits are designed for practitioners to offer:

1. Adjustments to language in stories

2. Ideas for increasing the diversity of representation in your classroom

3. Ideas for adjustments to make to materials

The process of auditing our materials was intensive and included storytelling, wondering, and response time for each story.  Because this is significant and intentional work, we know it will take some time before we can do this for all 90 stories. While we continue to add specific language and material changes for each story, we invite you to make general adjustments to the stories. We offer suggestions below for how you might adjust the stories you tell.

Stories have been updated to include

- A more diverse representation of Jesus and other biblical characters

- Use more inclusive language and remove colonial references

- Add more stories from minority groups

Stories Under Review

Downloads of our updated Creation, Parable of the Good Shepherd , Parable of the Good Samaritan, Parable of the Mustard Seed, The Great Family  and Circle of the Church Year materials are available for free at the US online shop. Skilled artists developed these materials, and we are committed to paying them well for their work. We also want everyone to have access to these materials, so we are offering free downloads of these new materials. We invite you to support the work with a donation to our Beloved Me, Beloved We fund for the ongoing work of this vital initiative. The following stories are being reviewed:

knowing jesus in a new way.jpeg

Knowing Jesus in a New Way

the greatest parable.jpeg

The Greatest Parable

the ark.jpeg

The Ark and the Flood


The Exodus

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